just what IS a popchip anyway?

this existential question has baffled snackers for eons. and by eons we mean like 2 or 3 years. after all, when is the last time YOU popped a potato? lucky for us it's simple really. it all starts with our hero... the potato...

greatness or greasiness?

every potato travels toward its destiny. but life as a spud can be unpredictable.

most get fried

too many potatoes are forced into the fryer - the most barbaric of endings - only to become a greasy chip.

but there's a better way

we keep our potatoes out of the deep fryer. instead, we heat them in a pressurized chamber and then quickly release them. their first breath of fresh air is a... POP

healthier, lighter, & more potato-y

we give our un-fried chips a dash of the good high oleic oils. then we massage them with our favorite spices and seasonings - voila! a chip that has all the flavour, and half the fat.

grab a handful... or several!

we believe in the freedom to snack. that’s why we created a new chip. one that’s deeply satisfying but never deep fried. so you can feel free to eat one, two, three handfuls, or even a whole bag. and why not? it’s okay, they’re popchips!


sea salt

simple ingredients bring out the best in each other. sourced directly from french-speaking mermaids who mine the salt deep in mediterranean underworlds, our sea salted popchips are best when ripped open during hungry drives home from the supermarket.

· vegan
· gluten free
· no artificial flavours
· no added preservatives
· no cholesterol
· 0 grams trans fat

available in 23g & 85g



take a break from the backyard smoke and sizzle to enjoy a handful of our rich barbeque popchips. at first crunch, you’ll taste our special combination of real tomato, onion, garlic and salty potato. and of course, it wouldn’t be a barbeque without a wisp of smoke. go ahead, grill master, savour the flavour, not the grease. 

· gluten free
· no artificial flavours
· no added preservatives
· no cholesterol
· 0 grams trans fat

available in 85g & 23g